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What makes ZYYX™ 3D printers superior?


ZYYX™ (pronounced like “Zix”) 3D printers are ground breaking desktop 3D printers. Developed in Sweden, the ZYYX+ is a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer, sometimes referred to as (FDM) for the professional user. Check out below all the innovative features that make the ZYYX™; Reliable, Professional, and Easy to use.


Quiet & Fume-Free Operation

The smell of melted plastic filament can be a nuisance and in some cases dangerous. For this reason, the ZYYX+ maintains a negative pressure in its enclosed build chamber by removing air through an active carbon filter which also reduces draft and room temperature changes that can lead to cracks in your prints. The printer has also been developed to be as quiet as possible. This makes the ZYYX+ very suitable for an office environment.


Filament Monitoring System

The ZYYX+ monitors its filament supply and pauses the print if the filament becomes jammed or reaches the end of its roll. Once the problem is fixed, the print can be resumed.


Thermally Isolated Print-head

On many 3D printers there is a risk that the heat from the nozzle will soften the filament further up in the print head, causing the extrusion mechanism to clog and fail. In the ZYYX+, the extrusion mechanism is thermally isolated from the hot nozzle, greatly reducing filament jams. Because the extrusion mechanism is easy to access and clean, reliability is further improved.


Innovative non-heated Build Plate

The surface of the build plate is specially coated to provide excellent adhesion between model and plate and is unheated!  Unlike many other 3D printers, the build plate of the ZYYX+ can easily be taken in and out of the printer since it’s held in place with magnets. This makes it convenient to examine and remove printed models. Additionally, the time to start printing is greatly reduce since there is no wait time for the build plate to heat up.


Auto Leveling System & Failed Print Detector

The ZYYX+ measures this distance at three points over the entire distinction of the build plate before every print and compensates automatically for the positioning of the build plate thus improving successful prints with better accuracy. [Video]
Sometimes a print can deform due to missing supports or too complex of a shape, or if there is a loose piece in the print area. The ZYYX+ monitors the print, if something goes wrong it pauses the print automatically so you can identify the problem and in some cases even resume printing. [Video]


Simplify3D™ software

The ZYYX+ is delivered together with Simplify3D™ software, a slicer that is considered by many to be the best on the market. Together with ZYYX’s plug-and-play filament profiles, allows the professional user to concentrate on creating, instead of spending time tweaking detailed settings. Of course, all of the different functions and features of Simplify3D are available for experimentation by the enthusiastic user. [Video]


Large Build Volume

The ZYYX+ has a large build volume: 265mm (10.43in) x 225mm (8.85in) along the x-y plane and 195mm (7.67in) in height. When printing larger objects it is recommended that the digital model be divided into parts which can be printed separately and subsequently reassembled.


Unattended Operation

By incorporating all the innovative features such as Filament Monitoring System, control software to set breaks/pauses in code and the thermal isolated print head allows the user to click Print and walk away without fear of an unsuccessful print.




Print Technology / Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume /  265 mm x 225 mm x 195 mm  (W x D x H)  —   10.43″ x 8.85″ x 7.67″ (W x D x H)

Filament Diameter / 1.75 mm

Nozzle Diameter /  0.4 mm

Max. Resolution / 50 microns layer thickness, 11 microns XY positioning

Speed / up to 200 mm/s print speed

Printing temperature / 100°-265° Celsius (C)  —   212° – 509° Fahrenheit (F)

Filament types / PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Nylon, PET, Laywood, Laybrick, T-glase and most all other available

Interface(s) / USB, SD Card

Stepper Motor type / 1.8° Step angle, 1/16 micro stepping

Build Plate / Glass build plate with ZYYX™ 3D Print Sheet top layer

Firmware / Custom Sailfish Open Source FW

Desktop Software / Simplify3D™

Supported file types / STL, OBJ

Product size / 43 cm x 54 cm x 45,5 cm (W x H x L) —   16.9″ x 21.2″ x 17.9″  (W x H x L)

Product weight /  19 kg,  41.8 lbs

Computer Requirements / Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor, 2GB or more of RAM, Windows XP or greater Mac OS X 10.6 or greater, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or greater. OpenGL 2.0 capable system

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