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HELPing Hands

Magnacad’s Humanitarian Efforts

In a time when morality, leadership, and corporate responsibility seem to have been abandoned, we wanted to use “Giving Tuesday” as a launch pad for a new commitment.  Magnacad as a company cares and wants to start a long-term initiative to help promote a better quality of life by supporting organizations that support that goal. As of December 2014, we have committed a portion of all profits to be donated to help support the organizations below. We support organizations based on some simple principles; Integrity and Obscurity, meaning an organization that is typically overlooked in the mainstream arena and delivers a large percentage (if not all) proceeds to the needy.  If you would like to recommend a organization, please do. Below is the current list of organizations we support.





2017.12.21 – Magnacad, LLC  releases Magna-Catalogs 2018 for IronCAD® solutions. “Service-Orientated”, “Dynamic”, and “LEAN” Magna-Catalogs debuted.
2017.10.05 – Magnacad, LLC  sponsors haunted house to provide help to hurricane victims.
2017.07.31 – Magnacad, LLC  releases Magna-Catalogs to the global IronCAD® community.

2017.03.15 – Magnacad, LLC  releases Magna-Catalogs 2017.1 for IronCAD® solutions.
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2016.12.06 – Magnacad, LLC  releases Magna-Catalogs 2017 for IronCAD® solutions.  The ZYYX™ 3D printer Magna-Catalog debuted.
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2016.09.20 –  Magnacad, LLC partners with Magicfirm Europe AB to deliver ZYYX™ 3D Printers. – Creative 3D printing technology to shape innovation…literally.
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