MagZYYX17-1 Whats New

Mag-ZYYX 2017.1 Enhancements

Below is a list of enhancements added to the “Mag-ZYYX” catalog. To learn the icon color definition, please view the  “Magna-Catalog User Guide here.

General Announcements

  • “Printables” sub-group.  –  We consolidated all the models that 3D pritntable into a new sub-group for better organization.
  • Updated Icons  We updated the icons  to better follow guidelines and provide a better visual cue.


General Enhancements

ZYXX Buildplate Surface.

We updated the ZYYX Build Plate Icon to indicate the new Smart eBahvior attachment point that has been assigned. Now when you drag the new “ZYYX” Build Volume” to the Build Plate, it will snap to the correct poistion


ZYYX Build Volume.

We added the new “ZYYX Build Volume” ghosted part to allow you to design parts within the maximum allowable area for the ZYYX 3D Printer. The build volume part drops as a ghosted part. However you can un-ghost it any any point you see fit.


Order Filament Tool.

You can now drag and drop the tool so you can order filament directly from Magnacad website.


Shipping Instructions Download Tool.  

You can drag the tool to download instructions to how to ship your ZYYX 3D printer to use in case maintenance or repairs are required.


Shipping  Components.

Also included in the “Shipping” sub-group are 3d printable parts to be used to secure your ZYYX printer for shipping in the event you did not keep the originals. Obviously, this is only good if you have a second printer.


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