Magna-Catalogs 2017.2 Enhancements

Below is a list of new components added to our growing list of Magna-Catalogs. To learn the icon color definition, please view the  “Magna-Catalog User Guide here.

General Announcements

  • Isolated  “0-SHAPES” sub-group from the “Mag-TOOLS” catalog into its own catalog “MAG-SHAPES”. This was done to accommodate requests and keep catalogs sizes manageable.
  • Added the standard shapes found in the IronCAD “Shapes” catalog to the Mag-SHAPES catalog. This will allow users to only have the Mag-SHAPES catalog open and have access to all the shapes.

New Catalogs


A simple collection of casters and wheels that have been developed over the normal course of work over the years.


Isolated  “0-SHAPES sub-group from the Mag-TOOLS into its own catalog “MAG-SHAPES”.


General Enhancements


Mag-ZYYX Catalog


“Launch Simplify3D directly from Mag-ZYYX Catalog”

We created a launch button for Simplify3D directly in the Mag-ZYYX catalog. This provides a faster way to get your 3D prints in the queue. If you have installed Simplify3D in a different location on your computer: a) simply go find the “Simplyify3D.exe” file and copy its entire address string. b) Then right click the “Launch Simplify3D” Icon in the catalog and choose “Edit Catalog Item” c) Replace the new copied string in the dialog area and Save.

Collection of 3D Printables expanded

We added some more 3D models for 3D printing to the “Printables” subgroup. New models added.

New Components and Shapes



We created the positive shape of the existing “Notch” shape . MC#: Mag-SHAPES



 “Corrugated Flat”

We created a corrugated flat part that can be edited via the Pattern tool . MC#: Mag-TOOLS



 “Corrugated Round ” 

We created a corrugated round part that can be edited via the Pattern tool . MC#: Mag-TOOLS



 “1” Square Steel Tubing ” 

We created a 1″ square Steel Tubing part that has the webpage attachment assigned to it.  MC#: Mag-TOOLS