Magna-Catalogs 2017.4 Enhancements

Below is a list of new components added to our growing list of Magna-Catalogs. To learn the icon color definition, please view the  “Magna-Catalog User Guide here.

General Announcements

New Sub-group Mag-TOOLS>O-SHMTL.

We added a new sub-group to the Mag-TOOLS catalog entitled “O-SHMTL”. This will be the place where we will any sheet metal type components.


IronCAD standard shapes renamed.

We renamed named  the standard IronCAD shapes in the Mag-SHAPES catalog so they would group better when arranging in an ascending or descending list order.


Quick Vids added alongside components.

We continued to add more simple little quick videos for each catalog component.


New URL Icon.

We changed the icon of any URL based catalog items. However, should you want the old icon of different versions, you can also replace it with the one you want by going the Magna-Catalogs “Icons” folder.



New Catalogs



A collection of store fixtures and ancillary components for retail store layouts and more.



A collection of drinkware, pitchers, and more.





“Chain Link Design Variation”
This is a  roller chain link variant assembly that allows you to choose and edit the standard chain size you require. This is intended for conceptual design use.



“SM_Gusset” and “SM_Gusset Hollow”
Added to the new sub group Mag-TOOLS>0-SHMTL are two new sheetmetal features which can be used on any sheet metal part. There are not true deformation shapes to any specific standard, but rather intended to use for conceptual and space planning. You can edit the geometry at any time to adapt to your specific needs. These feature are co-dependent and used together in your design.



“Threaded Tube Ends updated to use SmartAssembly ”
The 3/4″ and 1″ Threaded Tube end have been updated to use SmartAssembly behavior. This will make it easier to place the parts and they will remain connected the tube ends should they be resized.



Screws with Standard ANSI Hole Assembly Features.
Added to the  sub group Mag-TOOLS>0-FASTENERS  are ANSI screws with their standard fit clearance hole assembly feature. The hole AF has the proper drill size callout and dimensions. You can edit the screw length and type same as you would normally in IronCAD products.


Stitch Weld updated for productivity
This stitch weld has been updated to provide a more logical drop point, resizing predictability and TriBall on Drop default. In addition, we updated the icon.



“Chain Link  and “S” Hook Smart Assembly”
We create a chain link and an “S-Hook” that can mate with each other usign the SmartAssembly functions. Use this to create quick chain assemblyes.




“Barb” shape
A simple shape to help generate flexible straw parts for concept rendering.


“Stepped Base” shape
A simple shape to help create bases for stands that can be easily modified to suit size and shape.


“Turn” Positive Shape
We added the cylinder shape that’s created using a spin feature so you can edit the spin rotation, Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter as well as Height.


Ring Groove
A simple spin shape that creates a ring groove. You can edit the parameters for the ID, OD and Depth.




Wood Density Chart.

Added is the to a online chart that provides all the density information all types of wood species. Densities of wood species like apple, ash, cedar, elm and more.


Gutter  Variant Model.

Added new Variant model of K-Type Gutters in 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, and 8K


Corrected Previews. For 3/8″ – 3/4″ Thk Component in Mag-LUMBER



  New Rust textures.

Added 2 new rust textures: “Rust Spotted” and “Rust Surface”