INOVATE™ Your Personal 3D Modeler


3D CAD Software Designed for Collaboration

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INOVATE™ is the perfect package for 3D content creation; some may refer to it as an entry-level modeler – nothing is further from the truth. INOVATE™ enables wider, cost effective use of 3D modeling within any company or at home, easily satisfying those who do not need surface modeling, sheet metal design or the ability to prepare 2D drawings dynamically linked to the 3D models.
INOVATE™ provides content creators, innovators, designers and engineers with the tools to create new 3D designs, or modify existing 3D models from a wide range of sources. As in IRONCAD™, you get total control of your design workflow from 3D sketches to full parametric design, top-down or at the component level – there are no hard and fast rules; how you design, and what you design is entirely up to you.

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