IRONCAD™ Mechanical


A Powerful CAD Parts Catalog for Fabricators

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IronCAD Mechanical is an IRONCAD catalog that includes pre-made designs for industry-standard fasteners, bearings, O-rings, piping, and flanges, saving fabricators hours of design time. Just drag and drop these readymade designs into assemblies, where they will attach themselves to other parts thanks to IRONCAD’s built-in intelligent behavior.

Integral to IronCAD Mechanical is PROActiveManager, a powerful, fully configurable Bill of Material (BOM) data manager that allows quick access to all BOM data in a 3D scene. PROActiveManager can configure or suppress parts and can be used to find and replace text embedded in any component in a part or assembly.

IronCAD Mechanical also comes with a number of additional time-saving features for fabricators, including a tool for creating parametric holes and recesses that can then be saved in catalogs for repeated use; shape utilities that toggle parts from solid to negative; a visual database of materials that can apply different densities to parts or assemblies; and many more.

IronCAD Mechanical 2018 available in 64-bit only.

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