Matte Fiber HTPLA- Black


Proto-Pasta : Matte Fiber HTPLA- Black

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A Fiber Composite optimized for finish, performance, and compatibility for architecture, sculpture, industrial and product design, and engineering 3D prints.

Printed parts have a low luster, textured surface which creates a highly desirable contrast between light and shadow.  Texture, color, and sheen can be somewhat manipulated by printer settings as well as post-processing.  Printed parts can also be smoothed or weathered with paint for alternate aesthetics.  The plant-based fibers lend well to adhesion of paint and other aesthetic coatings. Based on Proto-pasta HTPLA, this Matte Fiber version can be heat treated to retain more stiffness to higher temperatures.  Dimensional stability is improved compared to HTPLA without fibers.  The plant-based fibers improve adhesion of glues and coatings.  Performance is similar to Carbon Fiber HTPLA but processing of Matte Fiber does NOT require a wear resistant nozzle. No special hardware or nozzles are required for this plant-based composite.  This material is not overly brittle, but is stiff and will break under excessive load.  It prints like PLA on non-heated beds.  Suggested print temperature is 190-230C.


Additional information

Filament Sizes

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Spool Size

3000g, 500g


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