Comprehensive Training Solutions

Magnacad offers either formal or customized on-site training solutions to meet every objective and budget. Magnacad has been certified since 2000 to provide full technical training for the discerning IronCAD installed organization. Stay up to date with new enhancements. Magnacad helps you reach your employees’ training goals. Expedite your companies  return on investment and get on track to becoming a power user. We offer a full range of training solutions including On-Site, Self-Paced or Custom.


IronCAD Self-Paced Training 

The self-paced training program is a video training course where users can watch the video and then follow through using the product. The goal is to take a users from a complete novice to a competent user in just 4 days.  The system comes pre-packaged for customers on a  write protected and branded USB drive.

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Night Owl

Night Owl sessions are night-time based training classes for all our products. Night Owl training is FREE to currently unemployed engineering professionals.

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Virtual Training

Magnacad’s virtual training classrooms provide education via the web to provide reduced costs, ease of learning and convenience.

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Magnacad provides one-on-one mentor-ship for it’s IronCAD solutions. The program is available on a annual “membership” type basis.

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Interactive Showtimes

Interactive Showtimes are Magnacad’s on-line repository of technical bulletins, marketing brochures and more. The repository continues to evolve as we move towards the future.

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Evaluator Free Training

Magnacad provides 3 hours of free web-based IronCAD training session with a seasoned IronCAD instructor for evaluators only. These sessions are provide through our Night Owl program only.

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