INOVATE – your personal 3D modeler


INOVATE™ is the perfect package for 3D content creation; some may refer to it as an entry-level modeler – nothing is further from the truth. INOVATE™ enables wider, cost effective use of 3D modeling within any company or at home, easily satisfying those who do not need surface modeling, sheet metal design or the ability to prepare 2D drawings dynamically linked to the 3D models.
INOVATE™ provides content creators, innovators, designers and engineers with the tools to create new 3D designs, or modify existing 3D models from a wide range of sources. As in IRONCAD™, you get total control of your design workflow from 3D sketches to full parametric design, top-down or at the component level – there are no hard and fast rules; how you design, and what you design is entirely up to you.


INOVATE – your 3D printer companion

Why rely on downloadable files to drive your new 3D printer? or wait for someone else to move your ideas into 3D when INOVATE™ costs less than a plumber for a day! Sketch in 3D using the unique drag-and-drop catalog of building blocks, from a 2D profile or from an existing model provided by a colleague, a supplier or web based catalog. When you have completed your design, spit out a 3D printer ready file for making your design a reality.

The ideal solution for 3D printing  


INOVATE for sales modeling

Critical factors in winning profitable new business are clear communication between the proposal team and prospects, and precise understanding of both the prospects requirements and your costs. Unfortunately, traditional CAD software was designed to create manufacturing documentation, not for fast iteration during the concept phase of product development and real-time customer collaboration work. Using a CAD specialist to support new business development can be slow and expensive. INOVATE™ enables sales engineers to rapidly create and modify 3D models to produce better responses to RFP’s and achieve higher win rates. Through INOVATE’S Catalog-based 3D design and eMARKUP™ technology, it provides unparalleled speed in technical proposal development most often directly in front of the prospect. This user interface allows both non-CAD experts and seasoned CAD professionals to work faster in the concept iteration and proposal phase of new business development.

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