SimWise Motion for IronCAD

Integrated CAD Motion Simulation

The SimWise Motion for IronCAD product is a special version of Design Simulation Technologies (DST’ s) Sim Wise Motion product. IC Sim Wise Motion has the same functionalities as DST’ s standard Sim Wise Motion product, except it doesn’t provide CAD files import capability. It is a standalone application which is able to communicate with IronCAD products in runtime through integration. Models are transferred from within IronCAD to SimWise Motion to begin the simulation. Updates in IronCAD can be updated in the transferred SimWise Model.

SimWise Motion for IronCAD Offerings will work for IRONCAD and INOVATE desktop products.


Direct Integration with IronCAD

Use the SimWise Motion native integration for IronCAD to accurately simulate kinematic and dynamic motion with the click of a button. Evaluate the functionality and performance of your designs early in the process to resolve mechanical issues prior to prototyping and production, answering the important questions, “Does my design work?” and “Will it break?” sooner rather than later.

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Powerful Motion Simulation Capabilities

With SimWise Motion, you can add various motion characteristics to your model to make your simulation reflect real-word functionality. The IronCAD SimWise Motion integration supports motors, actuators, gravity, realistic contact between bodies, springs, friction, damping, and other generated forces as needed. Once you’ve selected your settings, SimWise Motion produces animations that give you the visual feedback you need to understand if your design will work properly.

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Physics-Based Engineering Data

SimWise Motion calculates several types of results that you can use to verify the operation of your design, including physics-based engineering data associated with the movement of the assembly. Result vectors and plots of displacement, velocity, acceleration, and forces give you the numerical information you need to fully understand the performance of your design. As you make design changes, you can compare the data to verify design improvement.

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