3D configurator and communicator


More than just a 3D CAD viewer, IRONCAD COMPOSE™ is a revolutionary new product empowering users to work share and collaborate with their company’s 2D and 3D geometry. IRONCAD COMPOSE™ delivers the ability to manipulate models and assemblies in 3D, Interrogate them, and even make changes to the structure and assembly, quickly, easily and cost effectively. IRONCAD COMPOSE™ even allows you to view 2D .dwg files.


Improved Customer Relations


IRONCAD COMPOSE™ is ideal for enhancing your customer relations by allow them to view your 3D designs and content virtually with IRONCAD COMPOSE™. Allowing your customers to view your 3D data in a proprietary protected format eliminates and design miscommunication that may have existing by simply providing them 2D proofs or drawings. Click image to see how your customer views exactly what you created.

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Download COMPOSE 2017 - 32 bit      Download COMPOSE 2017 - 64 bit



IRONCAD COMPOSE™ Mobile is more than just a free viewer, it is a valuable tool for communicating 3D design concepts directly on a mobile device anywhere at anytime. The download is free to everyone from designers wishing to share their designs to a sales person presenting their company’s products at the point of sale.Everyone in your team can read data from any CAD system (in standard or Native Formats) into the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) Desktop products and publish these to the COMPOSE Mobile device and use them just as if they were directly created in IronCAD applications. Even add intelligence to your imported models to extend your capabilities to offer configuration on the mobile device.Using IRONCAD COMPOSE Mobile, interrogate the geometry, add commentary, configure new assemblies, and share the designs back to IronCAD DCS users for further collaboration in real-time which can dramatically reduce your time-to-market.


Content Delivery


Use your data on the IRONCAD COMPOSE™ Mobile by sharing data as single files or catalogs of files via email or by using a personal or business Dropbox account. On the iPad™, you can access the email or DropBox™ account from the Apple® device and can select to load into IRONCAD COMPOSE™. This will download and transfer the content to IRONCAD COMPOSE™ so that it can be viewed or used to configure content from a Catalog.

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